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Other Services

We offer a range of other services under our Wills & Probate Dept, these include:

Equity Release

King Prior & co are on the panel of solicitors with the National Solicitors Network, and act for those taking out equity release type mortgages.

We provide advice and assistance to those taking out an equity release mortgage, going through the mortgage terms and conditions, to ensure that the product is right for you.

We offer a fixed fee, and to obtain more information about our fee, please contact us.

Deeds of Gift

Clients often think that giving away their property is a simple transaction. With the new Pre-Owned Asset income tax rules, the position has become more complicated.

It is important that the person proposing the gift is aware of all the implications, both in advantages and disadvantages in making the gift. We take care to ensure that you have all the relevant information before you proceed with the gift.

The service is offered in most circumstances, at a fixed fee. Contact us for a quotation.

Court of Protection

What happens if someone loses his or her mental capacity?

If they have not made an enduring power of attorney, the Court of Protection rules govern what happens next.
It may be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection for a “receiver” to be appointed. The receiver then manages the financial affairs of the person who has lost capacity.

What does it cost?

There are fees payable to the court. There is a fee to pay when the application is made, and another when the order is granted.

A solicitor charges for preparing the application and the fee is fixed by the court.
The person who has lost his or her capacity pays all fees.

How long does it take?

As the court has lots of applications to deal with at any one time, it can take many weeks before the order is granted. Emergency orders can be made if a matter needs to be dealt with urgently, for example, the sale of a property.

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