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New Homes Conveyancing

This page is designed to give you a little background to New Homes purchases.

We have in recent years acted for a number of prospective purchasers of new-built homes in the South East, and indeed other parts of the country. Our main office is in Gravesend and includes a specialist new homes unit.

The office effectively covers the north of Kent and the south-east London suburbs and beyond. We are familiar with most builder’s general documentation and requirements, and in particular the need to progress matters swiftly to ensure that any deadline imposed upon you will be adhered to.

Those with experience of the deadlines imposed by Developers, will understand that it is imperative that matters progress as expeditiously as possible.

With that end in mind, we do all that we can to help you achieve that deadline, secure any additional incentives or price guarantee that you may have been offered and tie in related sales on the same basis if applicable.

Common Questions

Q: What are incentives?
A. Sometimes builders offer to contribute towards your fees, stamp duty, or even pay towards your deposit. Or this can cover extra items such as “white goods”, free turfing etc.. These are classified as “incentives”. With incentives, the main thing to bear in mind is to disclose this to your Lender on the mortgage application. Lenders have to approve such arrangements. If this is left until the written offer has been issued, this can sometimes be too late to meet your deadline to exchange.

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