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We've put special care into making our website as accessible as possible for our clients

In addition to maintaining a standards compliant structure, we advise on the following features:

Access Keys

Please note that we have limited the use of action keys due to the irregularities in how modern web browsers handle them.

Complete list as follows:

Page Link (PC) (MAC)
Skip Top menu Navigation ALT +0 CMD + 0
KPMB homepage ALT + 1 CMD + 1

To use access keys : press the key combination specified above to instantly travel to the hyperlink, or webpage mentioned.

Adjustable Text

Modern Web browsers (Internet Explorer 6.0 +, Firefox 1.5 +, Opera 6.0 +) allow users to increase or decrease the size of type on screen.

Instructions for Internet Explorer users

Instructions for Firefox/Gecko users

Instructions for Opera users

Instructions for Safari/Webkit users

planned access updates

Currently in development:

  • High-contrast version of site
  • mobile/PDA friendly version
  • Live Text increaser tool

Check back soon!!!

++ see also: W3 accessability guidelines

Please Note: The contents of this website are for information only and do not constitute legal advice to be relied upon. Professional advice should always be sought for specific issues

“On behalf of myself and my family I would like to thank you for your professional care and kindness at a very difficult time.”

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